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The Red Deer Stags are making the most of the sunshine eating as much as possible and resting in preparation for the rutting season.d1


The highland lochs are hosting large numbers of geese ,some stay all year others head south for the winterardessie falls_15

The new gallery poster is now ready wildlife photography and drawings on show .

People find them beautiful and fascinating or view them with loathing and fear, Im in the first camp although when looking for them in the long grass a touch of fear is not far from the surface .This one was warming itself near Loch Ness in the morning sun, although common in many parts of the Highlands ,in our area of Dundonnell I am still to spot one .a1s.jpg

a1 (2).jpgAt this time of year Badgers in the highlands of Scotland are hunting early and it is possible to photograph them while it is still light. There sense of smell is very good so stay down wind of them and try to make as little noise as possible.This Badger is part of a large group living in sand dunes on the coast.


Cold days and bright bright blue sky’s , the first snows of the year have fallen . They say its going to be a cold winter in the highlands but they say that every year. The tourists have gone home for another year leaving the landscape and wildlife with space to breath .

The ever moving sea

One of the great things about living in the small and remote crofting community of Scoraig is the ever moving sea.It is only when you shoot with a long exposure that you can view the true nature of water, it changes completely from a solid yet moving mass to an almost dream like state, from water to mist in only two seconds. When the mist is also on the hills the whole world becomes soft.


When the wildlife is hiding there is plenty to see along the rocky shore.The view from the beach at Laide is well worth seeing.