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The rabbits are having a good year ,lots of grass due to wet warm weather . The buzzards are also doing well taking all the unwary young . rabbit


People find them beautiful and fascinating or view them with loathing and fear, Im in the first camp although when looking for them in the long grass a touch of fear is not far from the surface .This one was warming itself near Loch Ness in the morning sun, although common in many parts of the Highlands ,in our area of Dundonnell I am still to spot one .a1s.jpg

Fungi in sunlight

At this time of year fungi can be found under all the trees on Scoraig, There are around 4000 species of larger fungi in Britain and we seem to have more than our fair share here . While a fungus is not a plant it still needs food ,enzymes dissolve food which it can then absorb. The light filtering through the trees lights up this fungi making it glow in the subdued light of the woods . Getting the tripod and camera low enough to to take this shot in low light was difficult and made almost impossible due to the steep bank on which it had decided to grow.


The Scoraig otters have been making the most of the recent good weather,spending a lot of time in the water fishing for crabs and butterfish.The still conditions make photography difficult ,the sound of the camera shutter carries a long way across the loch. The otters hear the camera but due to there poor eyesight cannot see me unless I move ,this otter was within five meters of me but after a long look he went back to happily fishing along the shore.

Desolate landscape

The west coast of Scotland can be a landscape photographers paradise. I find myself returning again and again to this place ,the shapes and textures of the rock ,wood, sand,sky and water produce a seemingly infinite expanse of texture.This ravaged landscape looks more like a sun blasted desert than the somewhat wet west highlands of Scotland. Stranger still this place is usually under six feet of water thanks to the dam at the other end of the valley