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The Red Deer Stags are making the most of the sunshine eating as much as possible and resting in preparation for the rutting season.d1


The highland lochs are hosting large numbers of geese ,some stay all year others head south for the winterardessie falls_15

The new gallery poster is now ready wildlife photography and drawings on show .

The rabbits are having a good year ,lots of grass due to wet warm weather . The buzzards are also doing well taking all the unwary young . rabbit

People find them beautiful and fascinating or view them with loathing and fear, Im in the first camp although when looking for them in the long grass a touch of fear is not far from the surface .This one was warming itself near Loch Ness in the morning sun, although common in many parts of the Highlands ,in our area of Dundonnell I am still to spot one .a1s.jpg

Low tide on Scoraig

At low tide a forest of kelp rises from the sea to carpet the shore, The underwater playground of the Otters lays flat on the beach.Under the kelp the butterfish and crabs hide until the returning sea sets them free once more. The otters make the most of the low tide at which time they can dive to places usually beyond there reach. This shot was taken with a 24mm canon lens on a tripod at f22

otter from nowere

After spending an hour and a half hiding behind a very cold rock on the beach I decided that the otters had far more sense than me and were probably asleep in a warm Holt. As not to waste the morning completely i decided to take some shots of sea urchins on the shore , at very low tide large common sea urchins appear on the beach among the kelp. After half an hour sliding around in kelp it started to snow and it looked like it was time to head home.As I turned to go I saw about four feet behind me an otter sitting eating a large ling, with the only lens with me ,a 135mm I took a number of shots this one included. When the fish was eaten he looked at me cleaned his face very slowly and calmly walked into the water and was gone.Makes you wonder why I spent all that money on a 600mm lens and a camouflage coat and hat .