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Bolder beach

This beach has got to be one of the most amazing places to visit along our coastline in wester-ross . The rocks dropped here by the glaciers sit on a bed of softer rock and have eroded out and now sit like exhibits in natures own art gallery . To add to this strange landscape bright green seaweed grows from the base rocks and the winds create long lines of cloud .


Scoraig otter in seaweed

The new otter cubs are spending more time in the water,larger prey caught by the mother is taken to the shore for the young to tear apart . If the mother keeps a fish for herself she is harass by the cubs until she gives it up or until she can find a quiet place away from her young where she can eat in peace.

Winter Robin

Robins are extremely territorial birds ,they defend there patch of garden against any bird big or small that is seen as a threat . This one seemed to be seeing if an old pot in the bushes would make a good nest site for later in the season. Shot with a 600mm canon lens with extension tube.

Silent wings

Red Kites reintroduced around the black Isle are spreading slowly , as far as I know none have been seen in the Dundonnell or Scoraig area . This bird was swooping low over open farm land around the Black Isle, and the shot was taken with a 600mm lens .

December Otter

The recent cold snap has led to more otter activity . Otters feed more in cold weather in order to keep up body temperature . They like to make the most of any calm weather for fishing , catching mostly crabs and smaller fish among the weed.

No rest

There is no road to were we live on the Scoraig peninsula and the only way in if you don’t wish to do the five mile walk over a mountain is by small 14 foot open boat . because of this we all watch the sea to see what kind of mood she is in,and whatever her mood she is never still,never at rest.

Shags on red rock

There seem to be a lot of Shag around the loch at the moment ,they have a green/bronze gloss to the feathers that makes them shine in the sunlight. They breed on the exposed rocky coast of the Scoraig peninsular and can often be seen in groups of ten or more fishing around the loch. This shot was taken with a 300mm lens from our boat.


Cold days and bright bright blue sky’s , the first snows of the year have fallen . They say its going to be a cold winter in the highlands but they say that every year. The tourists have gone home for another year leaving the landscape and wildlife with space to breath .

Fungi in sunlight

At this time of year fungi can be found under all the trees on Scoraig, There are around 4000 species of larger fungi in Britain and we seem to have more than our fair share here . While a fungus is not a plant it still needs food ,enzymes dissolve food which it can then absorb. The light filtering through the trees lights up this fungi making it glow in the subdued light of the woods . Getting the tripod and camera low enough to to take this shot in low light was difficult and made almost impossible due to the steep bank on which it had decided to grow.

 First Blackberry

Almost everything on scoraig seems to have been late in arriving this year except the blackberry’s the first of which are just changing from red to a beautiful rich black.