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deer bloThe harsh winter can be hard on the wildlife in the snow-covered hills of the highlands , many of the weak or sick red deer will die if the snow cover lasts to long. While bad news for the deer this can create rich pickings for the local predators such as Sea Eagles ,Golden Eagles ,Foxes and even Badgers.In cold weather more deer come down from the hills and come into contact with traffic on the roads, this can make driving at night around here quite exciting.


As the days grow longer in the Scotish highlands the low sun creates dramatic landscapes, on bolder beach the light skims the textured rock surfaces showing up every detail of amazing location.rock blo

Bolder beach

This beach has got to be one of the most amazing places to visit along our coastline in wester-ross . The rocks dropped here by the glaciers sit on a bed of softer rock and have eroded out and now sit like exhibits in natures own art gallery . To add to this strange landscape bright green seaweed grows from the base rocks and the winds create long lines of cloud .

No rest

There is no road to were we live on the Scoraig peninsula and the only way in if you don’t wish to do the five mile walk over a mountain is by small 14 foot open boat . because of this we all watch the sea to see what kind of mood she is in,and whatever her mood she is never still,never at rest.


Cold days and bright bright blue sky’s , the first snows of the year have fallen . They say its going to be a cold winter in the highlands but they say that every year. The tourists have gone home for another year leaving the landscape and wildlife with space to breath .

Morning mist

The early morning mist is always interesting in the highlands,the color and quality of the light always produces interesting results. On very still days such as this there is an amazing sense of peace the only sound is the water flowing into the loch from the many small streams and the odd trout jumping in the early morning sun .

Wind grass and wood

Seem to be spending more time shooting landscapes at the moment,the shapes of the driftwood roots seem endless . Using the 20mm lens with the twisted wood seems to work well and the 15th of a second exposure allows maximum depth of field and a slight movement blur on the grass.

Wood stone and sky

Wood and stone blend together, there shapes and texture creating this tortured landscape. Both worn by wind and water until it is hard to tell them apart. This shot was taken with a Canon EOS1DS II with a 20mm lens.

Sun sea and sandMost people think of rain and wind when you say Scotland but as you can see we also have some of the best and least populated beaches you could hope to find.This one is Grunyard bay just around the corner from Scoraig

Green weed ,gray skys

High winds have been blowing across the Scoraig peninsula today and the otters are nowhere to be seen ,but there is always something to shoot .This bright green patch of weed stands out against the gray sea and sky. Soon after this was taken sheets of rain driven by the strong wind chased me from the beach.