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The Red Deer Stags are making the most of the sunshine eating as much as possible and resting in preparation for the rutting season.d1


The new gallery poster is now ready wildlife photography and drawings on show .

People find them beautiful and fascinating or view them with loathing and fear, Im in the first camp although when looking for them in the long grass a touch of fear is not far from the surface .This one was warming itself near Loch Ness in the morning sun, although common in many parts of the Highlands ,in our area of Dundonnell I am still to spot one .a1s.jpg

Green weed ,gray skys

High winds have been blowing across the Scoraig peninsula today and the otters are nowhere to be seen ,but there is always something to shoot .This bright green patch of weed stands out against the gray sea and sky. Soon after this was taken sheets of rain driven by the strong wind chased me from the beach.