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The rabbits are having a good year ,lots of grass due to wet warm weather . The buzzards are also doing well taking all the unwary young . rabbit


People find them beautiful and fascinating or view them with loathing and fear, Im in the first camp although when looking for them in the long grass a touch of fear is not far from the surface .This one was warming itself near Loch Ness in the morning sun, although common in many parts of the Highlands ,in our area of Dundonnell I am still to spot one .a1s.jpg

rough seaseal bannana

Although we are only a mile across the water from dundonnell the sea can at times get a little choppy. How would feel about crossing this in a 14 foot tin boat with a small outboard ? On other days however, when the sea is as calm as a mill pond it can be a great place to explore the coast and visit the local seal colony’s . There are both common and gray seals in the area and at low tide they pull themselves up onto rocks that rise above the water and hold there heads and hind flippers out of the water to reduce heat loss.