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As the weather in the highlands of Scotland gets colder the red deer come down from the hills into the valleys .Many any are killed on roads each year ,a fully grown stag is a big beast and can do a great deal of damage to a car as I know to my cost , but they are beautiful animals and its almost always a pleasure to see them.


Silent wings

Red Kites reintroduced around the black Isle are spreading slowly , as far as I know none have been seen in the Dundonnell or Scoraig area . This bird was swooping low over open farm land around the Black Isle, and the shot was taken with a 600mm lens .

December Otter

The recent cold snap has led to more otter activity . Otters feed more in cold weather in order to keep up body temperature . They like to make the most of any calm weather for fishing , catching mostly crabs and smaller fish among the weed.