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No rest

There is no road to were we live on the Scoraig peninsula and the only way in if you don’t wish to do the five mile walk over a mountain is by small 14 foot open boat . because of this we all watch the sea to see what kind of mood she is in,and whatever her mood she is never still,never at rest.


Shags on red rock

There seem to be a lot of Shag around the loch at the moment ,they have a green/bronze gloss to the feathers that makes them shine in the sunlight. They breed on the exposed rocky coast of the Scoraig peninsular and can often be seen in groups of ten or more fishing around the loch. This shot was taken with a 300mm lens from our boat.


Cold days and bright bright blue sky’s , the first snows of the year have fallen . They say its going to be a cold winter in the highlands but they say that every year. The tourists have gone home for another year leaving the landscape and wildlife with space to breath .