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More Fungi

Some fungi twist themselves into beautiful shapes such as this one found in lush bed of moss.


Fungi in sunlight

At this time of year fungi can be found under all the trees on Scoraig, There are around 4000 species of larger fungi in Britain and we seem to have more than our fair share here . While a fungus is not a plant it still needs food ,enzymes dissolve food which it can then absorb. The light filtering through the trees lights up this fungi making it glow in the subdued light of the woods . Getting the tripod and camera low enough to to take this shot in low light was difficult and made almost impossible due to the steep bank on which it had decided to grow.

 First Blackberry

Almost everything on scoraig seems to have been late in arriving this year except the blackberry’s the first of which are just changing from red to a beautiful rich black.

Wild flowers

The wild flowers are still in bloom around Scoraig. You can track the progress of summer by which flowers are still flowering , winter is on its way. I don’t know what this one is called so if anyone can tell me I would be grateful.

Skua and mackerel

The gannets are feeding in little Loch Broom in increasing numbers at the moment and with them come the skuas trying to steal there fish. This one forced a gannet to give up its mackerel , they do this by harassing the gannets until they regurgitate there meal in order to escape . The numbers of mackerel seem to be low this year ,this may be due to over fishing by Norway Iceland and the Faroe islands who are in dispute over fishing quotas or may just be a natural cycle.

Morning mist

The early morning mist is always interesting in the highlands,the color and quality of the light always produces interesting results. On very still days such as this there is an amazing sense of peace the only sound is the water flowing into the loch from the many small streams and the odd trout jumping in the early morning sun .

common lizard

The lizards on Scoraig seem to be doing very well this year ,there were ten sitting below our solar panels today four adults and six young. It is best to shoot them early before they have a chance to warm up,it is possible to get within a couple of inches of them at this time. This shot was taken with a 50mm canon lens with extension tube.

Fish supper

There are still very few Mackerel around in the loch but the otters seem to be finding plenty to eat .As usual mostly Butterfish, Crabs and the odd Ling. So far there seem to be no new otters born at present although they can in theory be born at any time of year. This shot was taken with the 600mm f4 canon lens on a tripod.

Storm clouds gather

Bright sun and storm clouds over the Scottish hills make for interesting landscapes,soon after this was taken I got very wet then a few seconds later it was burning hot again. A few more storms and all these rocks will be four feet under water again.

Wind grass and wood

Seem to be spending more time shooting landscapes at the moment,the shapes of the driftwood roots seem endless . Using the 20mm lens with the twisted wood seems to work well and the 15th of a second exposure allows maximum depth of field and a slight movement blur on the grass.