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butterfly Orchid

The butterfly orchids are now beginning to flower on Scoraig. Although they are a little late there numbers seem to up on last year.


Lions Main Jellyfish

Lions Mains Jellyfish are appearing around Scoraig in large numbers again this year.They can deliver a painful sting and grow up to 85 cm in diameter .Beautiful creatures as long as you don’t get to close.

Torridonian rock

The shapes in the Torridonian rock formations around the scoraig peninsular are brought out by the sun skimming across there surfaces. As the tide recedes these almost muscular forms appear on the beaches.

Scoraig rock

Twisted rocks litter the central ridge of of Scoraig ,there strange shapes loom out of the mist in the early morning light. Taller than a man this particular rock draws me back again and again . The last rays of the setting sun skim the face of the rock bringing out every detail of its wind worn faces,you can almost feel its great age as you stand near it, but more than anything it gives a feeling of loneliness.

The first Orchid

The first Orchids are now flowering on the croft.The Heath Spotted Orchid is the commonest of the Scottish Orchids and in some parts of Scoraig it grows abundantly . Out on the loch the puffins are becoming scarce as they head for there breeding grounds on the islands around the coast, but there are still rafts of Guillemots and razorbill around ,this may mean there are plenty of small fish in the loch.

Low tide on Scoraig

At low tide a forest of kelp rises from the sea to carpet the shore, The underwater playground of the Otters lays flat on the beach.Under the kelp the butterfish and crabs hide until the returning sea sets them free once more. The otters make the most of the low tide at which time they can dive to places usually beyond there reach. This shot was taken with a 24mm canon lens on a tripod at f22

Otter and fish

The good weather on scoraig is allowing the otters to find bigger fish , with less silt in the water they seem able to find larger pray .This otter spent about three hours fishing ,eating several large fish ,crabs and butterfish. The thick weed did cause them some problems as they tried to bring fish ashore to eat . This Otter was shot on a 600mm canon lens, the bright conditions allowing a fast shutter speed .


The Scoraig otters have been making the most of the recent good weather,spending a lot of time in the water fishing for crabs and butterfish.The still conditions make photography difficult ,the sound of the camera shutter carries a long way across the loch. The otters hear the camera but due to there poor eyesight cannot see me unless I move ,this otter was within five meters of me but after a long look he went back to happily fishing along the shore.


Gannets are returning to Little loch broom, this one almost led me to disaster .Cold air blowing into the loch on a hot day can form a thick mist known as a harr,as I crossed the loch ,the mist came down ,half way across the one mile crossing this gannet appeared and I grabbed the camera and started shooting.When the bird finally flew off the mist was so thick that no land could be seen in any direction if I headed the wrong way the next stop could be the isle of Lewis. With my hart pounding I took a guess and headed along the waves which I thought were coming from the west .As you can tell it was the wright choice, from now on I will keep one eye on the land.