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Great northern Diver

The sound of the Great northern diver carry’s across little loch Broom. Now in breeding plumage the largest of the UK divers spend there days looking for fish and crustaceans, the haunting tremolo calls increase as the sun starts to set.About 2 500 pairs winter in the UK but they breed only occasionally in Northern Scotland. This picture was taken from my boat on a 300mm lens.


Desolate landscape

The west coast of Scotland can be a landscape photographers paradise. I find myself returning again and again to this place ,the shapes and textures of the rock ,wood, sand,sky and water produce a seemingly infinite expanse of texture.This ravaged landscape looks more like a sun blasted desert than the somewhat wet west highlands of Scotland. Stranger still this place is usually under six feet of water thanks to the dam at the other end of the valley


A large group of Puffins , Razor bills and Guillemots have arrived on Little loch Broom .This is usually a sign that the fishing in their normal hunting grounds is poor.Puffins are a fairly rare sight on the loch and although it is nice to see them I fear it may be a sign of a bad season to come for the birds.

The last snow ?

The last snows of the year are melting away and the new buds are beginning to open on Scoraig.The long windy winters in the highlands are hard on the trees . Sea blown salt and high winds sculpt the exposed rowans into twisted yet defiant shapes. There forms are reflected in the twisted shapes of the clouds. They have made it through another winter and now race to bloom while the good weather holds.

Otter rock

Its May in the highlands of Scotland and snow storms are still sweeping the hills around scoraig. The waves around otter rock are again making fishing difficult for the otters, When the sun brakes out from behind the dark snow clouds it produces an amazingly rich light.

Rock river

The rock river on Scoraig .It looks just like a river running down to the sea, the boulders left in the gully as the ice sheets retreated have been frozen in time. At the point where they meet the sea a strange union takes place ,the ever moving merging with the stillness of the stone.