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Scoraig Otters

The Scoraig otters are doing well despite some rough weather earlier this month.Large waves were making it tricky to land larger fish and crabs so mostly small butterfish were being eaten at sea. As usual there seemed to be plenty of time for play. One of the juvenile Otters appears to be good at catching large rockling which he seems loath to share. ALL photos taken on canon eos 1DS ll with 600mm f4 lens.


Wildlife of Scoraig

Wildlife shot in 2012

photos taken in 2012 around the Scoraig and Donnell area

Scoraig otter

The Scoraig peninsula on the west coast of Scotland is home to around 70 people and a variety of wildlife. Because the area is only accessible by boat or a five mile trek over a cliff path both people and wildlife go largely undisturbed. The otters are curious but weary of people .They will  tolerate  your presence as long as you make no sudden moves .